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Attending Physician 

Financial Roadmap



  • Track past and current speanding

  • Develop a budget to maximize income.

  • Implement technology to keep you accountable.

safety net

  • Strategize emergency fund

  • Determine insurance needs

  • Analyze what you have

  • Shop for the right coverage and discounts.

  • Help you apply and secure the policy.


  • Analyze current investments

  • Recommend appropriate investment portfolios.

  • Monitor performance

  • Strategize alternative investments, i.e. real estate, venture, etc.


  • Analyze your current debt

  • Determine best payment method

  • Refinancing options

  • Track progress


  • Set retirement and other financial goals, including college, investing, and legacy.

  • Determine how much you can save and where.

  • Open investment accounts

tax/estate planning

  • Planning ahead to minimize taxes.

  • Discussing legacy goals, and lining up your financials goals.

  • Ongoing collaboration with your CPA and attorneys.

...with ongoing coaching and moniitoring!

What is Financial Planning?

"An unintentional life accepts everything and does nothing. An intentional life embraces only the things that will add to the mission of significance.”

-John C Maxwell

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