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Retirement Wellness

Our Process


No-Cost Consultation

When you see a new physician for the first time, it’s important that they take time to get to know you and your health goals, as well as your medical history. Your financial life is no different. For our financial planners to understand your financial condition, we need to understand you. The no-cost consultation is designed to be a one-on-one with a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor and Certified Financial Planner, and have a casual conversation about who you are, what makes your situation unique. And a chance to ask any questions you like!


The Intake  is the visit designed to get more of the “numbers and levels” needed for an accurate financial diagnosis. Think of this visit as the “lab work” needed after your physical. A financial planner needs accurate data to formulate an accurate diagnosis, and subsequent treatment plan. We” run tests” on your finances.

Patient X-ray


The Diagnosis visit is where a financial planner has a sit-down with you to review  your current plan and progress, and identify strengths and weaknesses. They will help you to clearly understand the risks of your current trajectory, and where you're financially healthy too..

Retirement Wellness Plan

Here’s the visit you’ve been waiting for! You’ve been shown where you are financially healthy, and where you’re retirement plan might be a little ill. In this Wellness Plan visit, we’ll show you how to strengthen the weak spots in your retirement plan, and if you need immediate triage, or change the entire genetics of your finances.


Our Specialties

Our specialists are experts in these areas, and your Retirement Wellness Plan receives a multi-disciplinary approach from experts in their field.

Investment management

Our Investment Process involves you! How you manage and invest your hard-earned savings is critical, and our team of money managers creates a strategy personalized to you. We help you find your risk tolerance, your goals, and your values, and ensure your customized investment account lines up! Your financial planner at FinancialMD is independent, meaning they're not tied to a specific company and required to hit certain quotas. And with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, we are fiduciaries - legally bound to give advice in your best interest!

Tax Planning

Taxes are often the largest expense in a person's life, and that doesn't end after you stop working! Your financial planner at FinancialMD knows the ins and outs of retirement tax traps, and how to avoid them. Minimize what goes to the government, and maximize what goes to you and your family! Medicare, Social Security, IRA's - we're experts in it!

Estate Planning

Finally, we help you craft and implement a plan that makes sure your precious resources get passed on the way you want.  Do you need a will? Or a trust? Health care power of attorney? We can tell you!

What Clients Say...

Senior Couple

Is it possible to make financial planning understandable, interesting and purposeful? FinancialMD, Jon and staff have patiently helped us identify and attain our post retirement goals. With Jon’s guidance and expertise we feel prepared for the present and the future.

— Art, Retired

Senior Businessman

Jon is great, he’s helped me set up my retirement account in different settings and is full service, reliable, and available. I started saving at a much later age than most and he’s been invaluable with helping me through some rough water.

— Greg, Physician

Walking With You From "Pre-Retiree" Through Your Legacy!

\Whether you want a second opinion, or this is your first time talking to a financial planner, you're in the right place! Peace of mind for your financial future is one call away!

Glass Buildings


The Retirement Treatment Plan package includes all of the above services starting at 1% of investments under our management, reducing as your household assets increase.. 

*$300,000 account minimum 



2-3 meetings in the beginning, followed by semi-annual reviews to update and monitor your plan. An online client portal where you see your progress throughout the year, in real-time!

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