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Jon is the founder and lead financial planner at FinancialMD. He received his Bachelor's from Michigan State University, and a master's from Spring Arbor University. Jon is a Certified Financial Education Instructor and a Certified Financial Planner. Jon began as an advisor in 2013, and started FinancialMD in 2020. Prior to that, he was a licensed counselor in private practice, and carried these helping skills with him into financial planning.

Friends by the Lake

"Financial MD has been an incredible help with my goals of becoming financially competent. Coming out of residency, I was very unknowledgeable about finances, and that was overwhelming. Financial MD has helped me navigate saving, investing, and spending money wisely. I am grateful to them for their patience with me, and I’m very happy to be a client."

— Chelsea, Anesthesiologist

Going for a Run

"Is it possible to make financial planning understandable, interesting and purposeful? FinancialMD, Jon and staff have patiently helped us identify and attain our post retirement goals. With Jon’s guidance and expertise we feel prepared for the present and the future."

— Art, Retired

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