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DM 74 - Finding Extra Money

Here are some more tips for how to find a little bit of extra surplus in your budget. Hey, it's Jon from Financial MD – and I'm just getting over laryngitis.

So, we've talked about this before, of different ways that a budget can be done and how to help curb your spending a little bit and how to find some extra money or make some extra income. There's a lot that you can see if you go back into our archives and watch. But, I'm going to put our cash flow diagnostic on the screen. This is what we actually sit down with our clients and use and talk about and it helps us to figure out what's coming in and what's going out and, ultimately, what kind of surplus we should have. Now this is totally something you can do on your own, but if you post "I want it" in the comments, then I will send you a copy of this. We'll get this to you so you can play around with it on your own. But, ultimately, what this is, is a way to really see where the money is going on all the things that you can actually think of. Now for all of us, myself included, there are a lot of things that we can't think of or we just forget about and those are things like little subscriptions that we forgot about; things – apps that we signed up for – that's $5 a month or $3 a month, and believe it or not, that adds up and that can make a difference. So, it may be worth -- especially if you're a resident -- it may be worth finding some time to sit down, look through your checking account and your credit card, go into your iPhone, go up to the top where you see your picture and the settings and go to your iCloud and you'll see subscriptions and just look and see if there's anything in there that you signed up for that you forgot about.

So, check those things because they can add up. They can help you to find a little bit of extra money to start moving forward on some positive financial planning moves even as a resident, and I'm telling you guys – I say this all the time – there are things you can do today as a resident that will put you in a better financial position when you start as an attending. Don't wait. Don't put this stuff off, thinking…well, I'll wait until I'm making more money; I'm really busy right now; there's nothing I can do on a resident salary. I'm telling you guys, I've seen it. Every single resident we talk to – single, couple, kids, not – whatever, anywhere in the country, there are things that you can do, I'm telling you.

So, shoot us some questions. Comment below. Make sure you follow this and share this if there's somebody in your life that you feel needs to hear this.

This is Jon from Financial MD, we'll see you next time.

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