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DM 24 - Other Great Financial Resources

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Hey, it’s Jon from Financial MD. Welcome to today’s Didactic Minute. Today, I wanted to take just a minute and give you some additional resources you can go to for some good financial literacy tips for physicians.

Number one, of course, The White Coat Investor. He’s probably set himself out as the expert when it comes to financial direction for physicians and trying to make sure they’ve got good information to make good financial decisions. But did you know that he’s got a book, that he’s got a podcast, he’s got a blog, he’s got courses, he’s got all sorts of resources for physicians.

Number two, The Physician Philosopher. This guy is an anesthesiologist, but he does a lot of coaching, consulting. He does some speaking. He’s got a book as well – another great place for some resources when it comes to making smart financial decisions.

Physician on FIRE – this guy is from Michigan, but he talks a lot about financial independence and retiring early. So that’s a good thing. You guys may have that goal in mind; otherwise, he still has some great tips, some great articles.

You should also be following these people on social media whether it’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and keeping track of their blogs in a good blog reader like Feedly or Medium. And I’ll try to stick some links to this in YouTube and the Facebook; otherwise, hopefully, that adds some benefit to your day and a place for you to go and if you’re looking for more time on reading and going more in depth on this stuff then definitely check them out.

This is Jon from Financial MD. We’ll see you next time.

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